PROSPORTSFIGURES.COM - SPORTS, FAMILY, FRIENDS OR YOU, ORDER YOURS NOW! is a respected business and P. Lowe is a respected artist since 2005, with hundreds of satisfied customers. He is known by his customers as man of action/the statue maker, who can make one of a kind in action poses and battle scenes of any sports player/players. All custom statue designs are 6 to 7inch in size (sometimes 12 to 13inch in size for special request) . Statues are made with wax/clay compounds that become a hard plastic form (such as apoxie sculpt). Customer's are very satisfied with his work, you can select fans/guest book to see feed back. You can see in the photo's that the pro players are happy as well with his art work creations and detail. P. Lowe puts major time and love as well as research into his art work, what is a hobby is now a business. The name was all his idea and the name fits his style of making pro sports statues/figures. Enjoy his work for a life time displayed in your home or office. For all sports fans to enjoy. A great gift idea. The art work by P. Lowe is Rare and a one of a kind collectible, HIGH VALUE because of his creative skills and ideas. All custom statues are created for individual display and ownership. Every custom statue created is a work of art. These statues/items are created and sold as specialized art pieces and not mass produced for retail sale. P. Lowe started his first art work creation in 2001, with a NBA Michael Jordan Statue (see photo below). Artist: P. Lowe supports the fight against breast cancer and 20 hearts foundation. I just had to make a statue for my nephew and to see him happy/smile made my day. David is a great young man and also the reason why I continue to do art. See his story at type in search box 20heartsfoundation 
A great gift idea!!!