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Please fill out the form below to be added to our customer email list. Make sure your email is correct. To receive a price quote on custom designs or what we may have already in stock, just fill out the comments section below, for your request. TO ALL CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND: Non-refundable deposit of half down (50%) payment amount will be due from agreed total cost, before any statue is made by the artist, the half down payment is due before any work can be started, once payment of the half down is received a time of completion and date will be given (depending on the design, times can vary from one week to four weeks). Example of the non-refundable, half down payment: Total cost is $200, $100 down, $100 later; artist gets $100 so you can't back out of the deal and some of the half down funds are use to pay for supplies needed to make the statue. It’s also security for the business and the artist time and research in making the design. You the customer need to make sure you want the design done, so with the deposit you made lets the artist know you are going to follow through with paying the total cost for the statue. The artist time must not be wasted because all of a sudden you the customer change your mind and no longer want the statue made (under some circumstances the artist will try and work with you if there is a problem with paying). Repair jobs: If you have a statue from me or from anywhere else, that you have accidentlly broken or damage. Artist P. Lowe can repair/fix it for a FEE, cost will vary depending on the damage of the statue. Note: Due to high order request please allow up to 48 hours to get a response from us by phone or email, we will get in contact with you ASAP. We want your business!!!!!!
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